Saturday, 3 June 2017

Taking Tiger Mountain by Strategy

Monday, 20 December 2010

This is front cover of the published script, along with song lyrics and sheet music, for the Modern Revolutionary Peking Opera, Taking Tiger Mountain by Strategy, published by the Foreign Languages Press of Peking in 1971. It was a set of postcards showing production stills found in this very volume that gave Brian Eno the title for his 1974 album of songs, which went on to be an early template for many a New Wave band at the end of the decade. The cover’s colour scheme, the performer’s pose and the star on his fur hat, not to mention the fact he is wearing a show-camouflage cape, made me think it might be appropriate for this season. Those of you who want to read the first scene, ‘Advancing in Victory’, can find it posted as a set of scans on my blog by clicking here. Think of it as either a Christmas panto with AK-47s or a revolutionary version of White Christmas that really has something to say. Either way, this is to wish contributor and visitor to Found 0bjects alike a very happy holiday.

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