Thursday, 5 November 2020

It’s Not What It Seems

Test Transmission all things Keith Seatman and more: It’s Not What It Seems:     It’s Not What It Seems is a CD compilation of tracks inspired by the post-punk / DIY / cassette scene which flourished in the early 80s....

Friday, 31 July 2020

Old Educational Slides

I cant' remember if I ever uploaded these. Just found on my Flickr stream. Originally from a car boot many years ago. Most are pretty dull but a few odd ones like the negative ones and the wartime handy hints etc.

Sunday, 19 July 2020

Which Magazine. Anorak or Parka

From September 1976
Winter fuel bill worries
Pension worries

Out of Work Unemployment
Or Anorak and Parka? 
 I had a Snorkel Coat. Blue with furry hood and bright orange lineing. The bright Orange lining went to a dirty orange and then a strange Orange Brown. Unfortunatly a year before that I had a very very cheap Purple Parka (PURPLE PARKA!!!! when everyone else had a Snorkel Coat ) I remember clearly the laughter as I entered the playground with it on for the 1st time, there was a cocophony of screaming and laughter the jeering still haunts me to this day. "Purple Parka" "Purple Parka" "Purple Parka" (plus lots of swearing).......The Horror The Horror.

Saturday, 16 May 2020

The Secret Life of Edward James

The wealthy, eccentric British collector of surrealist art.  1978, 53 mins, presented by George Melly.  Contains footage of LEONORA CARRINGTON (both lived in Mexico).

Wednesday, 13 May 2020

Broderna Soderberg Catalogue Pages

Various pages from the Swedish metal foundry catalogue I found on a flea market stall ome years ago.

Sunday, 10 May 2020

Some British Accents & Dialects

I first heard of this album in connection with Brian Eno -  this 1971 LP was one of only a few recordings he took with on a vacation to Thailand in the late '70s. It got him interested in the musical properties of speech, especially when regionally accented or dialect - he was fascinated by the "redundant information" it contained, a non-signifying surplus that gave it character and rhythm. That led ultimately to My Life In the Bush of Ghosts.

Fancied having this for quite a long while before finally splashing out a few years ago (although it wasn't that pricey and seems to be cheaper these days). But then as you do, only just got around to listening to it. 


Listening to it now, there is a poignant overlay that would not have been present when Eno heard the record only seven or eight years after its release. It's a document of localized speech patterns, idioms and sometimes words that must have largely disappeared by this point. Almost all of the speakers - who seem to have been middle aged or elderly at the time of recording - will surely have passed away by now too.

Side One 
1 Birmingham
2 Black Country
3 Buckinghamshire
4 Cornwall
5 Cotswolds
6 Cumberland
7 Devonshire
8 Geordie (Durham)
9 Newcastle
10 Hampshire
11 Lancashire
12 Liverpool
13 Manchester
14 Leicestershire

Side Two
1 London (Cockney)
2 Norfolk
3 Somerset
4 Bristol
5 Suffolk
6 Sussex
7 Wiltshire
8 Worcestershire
9 Yorkshire
10 Isle Of Man
11 Ireland: (Ulster / Eire)
12 Scotland: (Edinburgh / Glasgow / Inverness)
13 Wales: (North / South)

Wednesday, 1 April 2020

Self Isolation Pods

Recent collage whilst pressing nose against window and making mooing noise at infrequent passers by.