Monday, 18 June 2018

Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Waves in the Ocean of Air

Life Science Library: Sound and Hearing.
This edition 1971, first published 1965.

Click to enlarge - this one really deserves it
Strongly reminiscent of the film 'Fantastic Planet' aka 'Planet Sauvage'

Scanner's knackered again.  Mind you, I think taking and editing photos is *mildly* less tedious.

Saturday, 2 June 2018

CD Artwork

A follow up from Bollops's CD artwork post. Some of my artwork - mostly collaged from old mags and comics etc. Eclectic collections of tracks mostly trawled from crackly vinyl and YouTube etc.

Tuesday, 29 May 2018

The Joy of... CDs?

Will there come a time when compact discs have the same exotic, retro/nostalgic appeal as cassettes have enjoyed in recent years? Will they become a niche 'thing' on Bandcamp?

It's hard to imagine. The knackered old mp3 players in my drawer full of tech shite look and feel older, somehow, and are easier to imagine becoming interesting to future peeps than anything CD-related.

If there is anything like an aesthetic waiting to emerge, or a, erm, 'feel', then I reckon, like cassettes, the best place to look for it is in yer DIY world of mixes, demos and blank media.

Note that while the move from vinyl to CD saw a reduction in canvas size for professional designers, for the DIY enthusist the move from tape to CD expanded the available space.

So yeah, an excuse to post pics of some of the mixes I've been sent or sent out over the years (one or two fellow FO posters might recognise their own work here...)

Nice edges on these placcy sleeves
Note use of marker on plastic cover for mild 3D effect.  And that classic, the broken hinge.

Shonky Photoshop

Hand printed cardboard

Coloured jewel cases!

2 and 3 are easy

Pocket format = room for extras

Even more space on rear of jewel case, and nicely sandwiched like a clip frame
Clear plastic and felt tip pen go really well together, enhanced here by cracks
Cracks again.   I can see this being a future 'thing'

Foam bread...

...and hand painted salad!
Fat black marker is definitely a thing.  Note layers here.
Juicy black marker over logo

Certain labels ended up killing the disc

Minimal approach.  I reckon that works.

I bloody love those coloured jewel cases!  They're even flimsier though.
Plain white approach.

Obviously CDs haven't gone away yet - I still buy 'em - but does anybody still do CD comps?

PS: earlier post on cassette comps
PPS: The Quietus get in on the act: In Defence of the CD