Saturday, 28 January 2023

a Play opening


Watch and listen not for the play itself but the intro / title sequence for Play For Today in 1973 - a cool if brief slice of avant electronic crash bang wallop. The starkness and abrasiveness seem to be preparing the viewers: "gird yourself for some grim, barebones social realism". I noticed this when watching Mike Leigh's debut TV play Hard Labour (there is a season of Leigh on Telly running at the Criterion streamer, things like Grown-Ups, Nuts in May, etc) and that is indeed some grim, barebones social realism. (Oooh... the scene where the put-upon wife rubs rheumatic ointment into her husband's ginger-hairy back and shoulders...)

Here's another Play for Today title sequence which captures a different flavor of the 1970s  - the vibe here is friendly, relaxed, Alan Price-y.... cultured yet softened by a new informality...  it makes me picture Melvyn Bragg's hair....


Tuesday, 27 December 2022

English with a Dialect


BBC Records, released round about the same time as this record

It's on my want list.

Here's the audio, though. 

Update: well, have listened to it, it appears to be the same record, with a new title and a more colourful cover!

It - both incarnations - appears to be a sort of companion record to this one, which has a bit of a "Allo Allo" / Disneyland's 'It's A Small World'  flavor to it, at least cover-wise...