Wednesday, 13 September 2017

The Open Road

If you have been fortunate enough to read  Rob Young's rather wonderful piece in Sight and Sound Magazine, The Pattern Under The Plough (Aug 2010) you might be familiar with the 1924/1926 Claude Friese Greene travelogue film The Open Road, which was originally intended to be shown in 26 weekly installments in Cinemas around the Country. In this film Claude Friese Greene documented a road trip round Britain from Lands End to John O'Groats. Frieze Green wanted to capture and create a record of British life using the new British Frieze Greene Natural Colour process. Footage of Mount St Micheal, London, Lancahire, Blackpool, Villages, Farm/Rural life, Cardiff, Stirling, Bath (with very run down Roman Baths with fish in the main baths) Restored to full colour glory by the BFI, this is a superb and beautiful look at Britain at work and play between the wars.
As Simon Garfield from The Guardian put it "a Britain infused with optimism and sunshine, a place where the First World War has been forgotten and a second one will never happen. Much of it looks like a long bank holiday; even the work scenes are studies in contentment. It is a picture devoid of cynicism and one where poverty is never regarded as hardship"

Thursday, 31 August 2017

Mind Alive

This was originally posted on the old Found Objects a few years ago, but got lost/deleted earlier in the year. But rummaging through some old USB sticks I have found some previous posts and images. So without further ado here is more Mind Alive.
Mind Alive is a new kind of encyclopedia that is published in 120 weekly Parts and builds week by week into a complete eight-volume work of reference.
Text in italics taken from  the inside sleeve of the 1968 Marshall Cavendish Publication Mind Alive. A while back a friend of mine came across a large number of these and very kindly passed a few of them on to me. 3'6 which if I remember right is seventeen and a half pence. Bargain! Some pages from these editions of Mind Alive were posted previously on Found Objects here

Time Out, time was






Before it became a yuppie magazine.

Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Table of Contents.

 I’m not sure if it’s just me, but each time I open a novel and find one of these lists of named chapters, I can’t help momentarily imagining it as the track list for some kind of extraordinary psychedelic/prog/baroque-pop concept album.

This one, from ‘Ghost in the Water’ (posted here) works particularly well in that regard. (It has a bit of a “best album Boards of Canada never made” feel to it in places.)

I’ve always thought it could be a pretty enjoyable collaborative project actually… assembling a load of bands and artists, and getting them to each come up with a track to fit one of the titles, or somesuch.

(I’m not sure I have the time or talent to do justice to ‘A Plan of Fiery Holes’ or ‘What Happened to Abigail Parkes?’, but hopefully I could at least have a bash at the self-explanatory ‘The Sampler Smashes’…)

Monday, 21 August 2017

Three Puffins.

(1968 / cover illustration by Peter Warner) 



Simon’s post about the ‘Dark is Rising’ cover last month got me thinking about some of my own favourite Puffin cover/design/title combos, so… here are three of them. Shamefully, I’ve not actually found the time to read any of these, but the last two in particular sound very interesting; is anyone familiar with them?