Monday, 26 June 2017

Found 0bjects is dead. Long live F0und 0bjects.

Back in May this year, Found Objects was "removed". No warning from Blogger, no explanation from anyone.  All concerned, including the admins of the blog, were mystified.

Now it's back, partially reconstructed in a Frankenstein's monster stylee from a pile of old bits dug up from cached pages and the vaults of  the Wayback Machine on the Internet Archive, and stuck together in a more-or-less random order.  Thank you, archivists!  And thanks to Julian House for permission to continue using his design for the logo / banner.

The plan is to continue as before.  If you were a previous contributor and would like to sign up again, please bung me an email (bollops at gmail).

Please spread the word, edit your links etc ( and look out for new posts.  Ta!

PS: A note about posts that have been salvaged from the Internet Archive: links within won't work, and you won't be able to enlarge images by clicking on them.  This can be fixed, but some editing is required...


  1. Welcome Back. Will be spreading the word.

    1. Thanks, Keith! Check yer email inbox ;)

  2. Don't remember ever seeing the first one I must admit? Or did I? Thanks for the Wayback Macine link - found some of my old blog pages there!