Sunday, 25 June 2017

How to make a synthpop classic in ten easy steps

Thursday, 28 October 2010

    1. Minimalism. Minimalism. Minimalism.

    2. Every sound must be strong enough to carry its function alone.

    3. No more than eight tracks on any song.

    4. As few as possible sonic elements playing at any one time - to preserve maximum power and fidelity.

    5. All mixes dubbed ruthlessly, to see how much they can be stripped further - to ensure getting rid of anything unnecessary, then exposing hidden instruments.

    6. Use the instruments I have, with as few additions as absolutely necessary.

    7. Subject matter - a man, a woman and a city.

    8. Attitude - detached urban romance, without sentimentality.

    9. Write only songs you would want to hear - without compromise.

    10. Once you are sure of the direction and content, don’t alter them for anything - no matter what the reaction is.

The ten rules John Foxx used in the recording of Metamatic. From an enthralling interview which includes discussion of early synthesizers, Conny Plank, Eno, London in the 70s...

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