Sunday, 25 June 2017

The Old Gods of Tooting.

When I was living in Tooting a couple of years back, I used to regularly see these stickers, plastered all over one particular bus shelter. I always loved the way it was just that one bus stop – I guess the Children of Odin are pretty set in their ways when it comes to the daily commute.

Until today, I’d never actually got around to following the website link, cynically assuming that the Odinist Fellowship was probably some dubious, quasi-racist ‘aryan mysticism’ kind of outfit. They still might be I suppose, but they certainly give a pretty good account of themselves on their FAQ page, emphasising the life-affirming, mead-quaffing, nature-loving aspect of their beliefs, and cannily ducking the issue of how exactly Odin and co could really be said to constitute the “Old Gods of England”.

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