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Monday, 2 April 2012


  1. whoa - immaculate condition, straight outta the cereal box. i still have most of mine, collected obsessively..i guess i only ate weetabix for about six minths.
  2. Used to have these - lovely. There's a video on YouTube of the TV adert for the second series of these figures - "Weetabix Advert Who" shoild find it. And have you seen the lovely new ones given away free with Doctor Who mega-fanzine Vworp Vworp?
    1. Yes- the Vworp ones are lovely. As is the whole magazine.
  3. ekolad -I'm sorry to say these are not my originals. They went the way of all things (thrown out by Mum the moment you leave home). The scans are from an eBay purch. I couldn't help myself. They're so beautiful.
  4. DD I really had forgotten about these. Likewise we lived on Weetabix for months. Alas mine got thrown out. They went the same way as my Captain Scarlet cards and my Man from Uncle cards. Lovely to see these again.
  5. I remember carrying these around for what seemed like years and alas like Dolly and Keith mine went the way of the bin. However those looking for the cards should seek out the dvd of "The Android Invasion" as it contains all the cards as a hi res pdf!
  6. Oo? Really I have that, I'll check it out. Thanks.
  7. I never bother with the pdf content on DVDs of "old" Doctor Who either, and since I've managed to build up a collection of 66 of the beggars I can't see myself ever bothering. Oh well.
  8. Just bought ten boxes of Weetabix.

    Haven't found any stickers yet, they must be down in the bottom of each packet.
    Can't wait !
  9. Just so bloody good.

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