Monday, 26 June 2017

Concrete Finishes for Highway Structures

Published by the Cement & Concrete Association, 1972.

See the full set on Flickr: MOAR concrete

I put it to you that this is the purest hit, the Platonic ideal, of a certain strand of hauntalogical whatever-it-is.  That strand being the municipal, "mildly alien" one. Not overtly supernatural, not overtly sci-fi but somehow suggestive of both.  I can't pin down why, exactly, but it hits the spot for me even more than the big stuff - the megastructures, the brutalist icons etc. Those photos of spanking new bridges passing over nowt but grass send a shiver up my spine.  Phwoar!

Btw, those last two are of the Hockley Flyover in Birmingham.  Do a Google image search of hockley flyover and you get some fantastic colour pics taken during construction, and a bunch that appear to show that all the knobbly bits are still there.  Any locals able to confirm that?

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