Monday, 26 June 2017

Candy & Andy

Monday, 14 March 2011

"Candy and Andy are just like any other children, except that they are plastic and live with two panda bears called Mr and Mrs Bearanda".

See more from the nightmarish world of Candy and Andy... If you dare...


  1. I clicked on your link. I don't feel very well now.
  2. Shit. Oh shit. Can somebody please just hold me?
  3. How completely extraordinary.

    Thinking about it, I could probably deal with stories about human children being raised by candy-striped anthromorphic pandas, and I could probably deal with a thing about human parents who look after creepy doll children (y'know, teaching them to be 'real kids' and so forth, ala Pinocchio)...

    ...but the way Anderson here makes BOTH parents and children sort of sinister, inhuman figures without recognisable facial expressions just seems terrifyingly unhinged.
  4. I never thought I would see those two ever again. Now its back to the therapist for me.
  5. Just be thankful I did not include the update which is on the same site. It is evil, pure and simple, from the 8th dimension. :-(
  6. I just had to go and look that up.

    I wish I hadn't.
  7. Anderson had clearly spent too long around puppets by this time.

    It reminds me of this (which is not *totally* NSFW - there are no living people in any of the pics - but you might feel a bit uncomfortable being seen to be looking at it):

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