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Race into Space. Mars 1982

Monday, 23 January 2012

I recently strolled into an antique shop for a bit of a browse. Whilst strolling around and trying not to bump into and break anything, I found on a book shelve a large pile of Brooke Bond Picture card albums, all with full sets of picture cards stuck in them. Now for some time I have been after the Race into Space picture card album. The simple reason for this is because The Race into Space was my favorite Brooke Bond picture card album. When I was about 7 years old, I became quite obsessed about space flight and was convinced that by the 21st Century myself and my 21st Century future family would be able to pop into a travel agents and book a holiday on the moon or Mars. So on finding the Race into Space picture card album I new I had to buy it (despite the cost)  Once back home coffee made, I flicked through my prize find. The card album was perfect, dating from 1971  it had a full set of 50 cards. Some stuck in upside down, most of them a little bit wonky. What really struck me was the pure optimism and enthusiasm about the future of Space travel in the card album and at the time. Outlined were the NASA plans for Space Stations and Moon Bases by the late 70s and the 1st Manned trip to Mars in 1981, to return to earth triumphant in 1983. The Satellites and probes all had exciting and thrilling names like Explorer, Transit, Cosmos, Zond and The Grand Tour. With ideas and names like this being banded about back then, I realise now that my younger selfs ideas of holidays on the moon and Mars in the 21st Century, were not without at least some day dreamed substance. It is briefly mentioned in the card album that the Mars Mission and Moon Bases would be very expensive. Perhaps a slight understatement there. Anyway back home Coffee made I decided to have a read of The Race into Space book, I also decided to catch up with Stuart Maconie's Freak Zone from the previous Sunday. The featured album was The Mighty Sun Ra's Space is the place.  Maybe it still is.

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