Saturday, 3 June 2017

Hauntological Artefacts of the Future

Thursday, 2 April 2015

Well?  I reckon this is pretty damned archetypal.  Published in 2006 and designed to be left hanging around offices and workplace kitchens (which was exactly where I found this one).

Read some of the extracts below and I think you'll get what I mean.  Check the jokey references in particular.  Has anyone coined a name for that strangely passive aggressive, informal, pally-but-not-really, style?  It's used all over the place now, and is part of a cloud of things that I've yet to see pegged as A Thing but which definitely IS: Innocent Smoothies, gentrified festivals, cupcakes, adverts featuring nice 20-somethings in an urban setting doing something creative together to a soundtrack of ukeleles, the rise of grammar fascism, the sudden trendiness of baking, knitting, old crafts etc.  Twee springs to mind, but it's a weirdly sensible, even puritanical version of it

Oh yeah, check the list of companies thanked at the end.  One in particular.

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