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Coventry 1968

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Just for a day, visit Coventry city centre in 1968. Taken from 'Colour in Shopping' by C.E. Fudge, a portfolio of pictures and criticism on urban design submitted for the British Paint Prize 1968, these pictures show life in British cities at the end of the sixties in all their mundanity and glory. Everything looks clean, all the older women look like the Monty Python team, and nobody notices or minds C.E. Fudge capturing their daily lives with his or her camera. Oh, and C.E. Fudge was very busy, going as far as Cumbernauld. More soon.

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  1. Completely brilliant!
  2. Excellent. I have a little bit of a Coventry thing, despite never having been there.
  3. Look at those washed out colours! They are still accurate.
  4. I feel I have to go to Coventry now, to see if any of this stuff is still there.
  5. "A third hypothesis is that the word Coventry is derived from the word 'coven' meaning a collection of witches.[dubious – discuss]".
    - Wikipedia.
  6. I love that final picture, it's like a Clockwork Orange version of Picadilly's Burlington Arcade.
  7. U-W: I was thinking along the same lines. But there are more desirable destinations, such as - somewhere else.
  8. I really want to see the Cathedral. I suggested we take a detour when me and Mrs. U-W went to Birmingham to eat at Glyn Purnell's restaurant but she was having none of it.
  9. It was still largely like this in 1991, with a lot original signage and fittings, when I photographed it after living there for a couple of years ... and not too dissimilar when I was last there in 2008 and photographed a war-time temporary shop I'd never previously noticed.

    I'm guessing the final picture is of City Arcade in better days -- I really like that description Matt.
  10. Having lived in the City that had The Tricorn Coventry almost feels like home. Went there many years ago does stir up many different emotions.
    Have a look at the Tricorn. I think you all will like it.

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