Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Photoplay Devil Movies

Photoplay Film Monthly was the Empire Magazine of its day. In the 1970s we would have Photoplay delivered to our house every month. Of the 100s of issues of Photoplay my Father had, this edition, with features on The Exorcist and Zardoz is the only copy I have managed to save. Every now and then Photoplay would publish special editions. When it was announced that Photoplay would be publishing a Devil Movies Special Edition I tore along to Smiths and parted with 50p. 
Inside this special edition apart from the obvious films (Exorcist, Omen, Exorcist 2 Heretic, Rosemary's Baby) there are some interesting others. The Sentinal, Ruby, Suspira, The Devil Rides Out, Race with The Devil, Eye of the Devil (David Niven, David Hemmings, Donald Pleasence, Deborah Kerr, Sharon Tate) and Burnt Offerings (Oliver Reed Karen Black, Bette Davis) 
Now there was no way that I could see any of these films as I was quite young and could only just get into see a film under the old A classification which I think was the equivalent of a PG today. So for a few years this Devil Movies magazine was the closest I got to any of these films. To this day I have still not seen Burnt Offerings which in fact was released as an AA. Maybe one day.

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