Thursday, 6 July 2017

Pierre Henry (RIP), Nicolas Schoffer and Spatiodynamism

How f---ing cool is that?
"The disk, 'Spatiodynamism', with music 
by PIERRE HENRY, was produced by 
'La Diffusion magnetique sonore'."

Copyright 1963 by Editions du Griffon, 
Neuchatel - Switzerland

Edit: There are currently two Pierre Henry records available for download for only 50 pence each from Trunk Records: 50p Friday

And here's a documentary on PH: The Art of Sounds (2007)


  1. i've got his Hommage a Bartok on vinyl. *before* it was Creel Poned (always well chuffed when that happens, which it has a few times). A Bartok has a very unusual electronic sound, not like anything else i can think of really - maybe Martin Rev but even more static and freeze-framed. And the cover design is great, it's something Aztec emerging out of Central Europe.

    1. Wow, I had no idea that Schöffer did music! I see what you mean about the Rev comparison; it's also putting me in mind of Spacemen 3. Maybe a dash of This Heat. It's like the 8-bit cousin to those.

  2. love that photo of the modern dancer flexing a pose in front of his kinetic sculpture