Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Brading Wax Museum

Many many years ago my friend and I jumped (literally did) on our bikes and headed of into Portsmouth to get the Sealink Ferry to the Isle of Wight. Our mission was to cycle to Brading to go to  Osborne Smiths Wax Mueseum.

When we finally got there we were not disappointed. Roundhead Soldiers, Opening and closing coffins, deathly hands, Naked scullery maids, Devils Head, Stocks, and loads more to keep us entertained. Satisfied with our visit of home we went vowing to return the following summer. Sadly many summers came and went before I managed to get back to Brading. When I did finally return it was run down tatty and had not really changed………and I loved it. A few more years passed and I returned again with daughter and her friends in tow. When we got there it was closed and due for demolition, we all stood outside looking through the dusty and dirty old windows trying to get a glimpse of the interior, it was a sad old scene to see. The Wax Museum has now gone, it was demolished in 2012 and the contents auctioned off. The Tudor house is still there and is now an Antique, Vintage Retro Emporium with the wonderful old Courtyard still very prominent. 
Will I pay it a visit?? maybe one day.


  1. The bloke in the Chamber of Horrors is chirpy enough to be able to give a thumbs up for the photographer, though.

  2. Gutted I never saw this in the flesh! Do you know exactly when it closed down, Keith?