Monday, 10 July 2017

Beneath the City Streets
by Peter Laurie

(Revised edition / Panther, 1979)

When I first acquired this book a few years ago (I literally found it on the street as I recall), I considered it an amusing reminder of the grim extremes of cold war paranoia. Fast forward to 2017 however, and I am somewhat less amused. In fact, I find myself worrying about the likelihood that the government have let all those emergency food dumps go to pot since the Berlin Wall fell, and fearing the day when I might find myself vainly trekking towards one of them with my few remaining possessions stuffed in a bin liner. Oh well, you’ve gotta laugh etc…


  1. Man alive! Excellent find, Ben. I must find a copy of this. Looks like it covers similar stuff to that big book that English Heritage put out a while back:

    except this one looks more, erm, 'fun'.

  2. I have a weapons effect calculator. Must put it on here soon.