Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Nuke Weapons Effects Computer

Could come in handy. Just find the relevant Bomb size/blast radius and of you go. House Damage, Casualties in hours, Untrapped, Seriously Injured, Air Burst Ground Burst.
I was given one of this quite a few years back and have spent a lot of time trying to work out where I would leg it to if we were about to get hit. I can confirm the answer is nowhere.


  1. Thanks for digging this out Keith. Never have a metal pinwheel and a few bits of cardboard been so terrifying.

    As with the one I scanned for my earlier post, I find myself wondering, come the five minute warning, how would even the most dedicated Cold War-watcher be able to determine the weight of the weapons being dropped on them, the height of the air-burst etc...?

    [Mental image of a man in a cardigan throwing this aside, muttering "bloody useless.." seconds before everything goes white.]

  2. I suspect just before the bomb dropped the Civil Defence chap finished his cup of tea, put on his trusted Mk 2 Brodie steel helmet and said "no point in grumbling" "cheers".