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The Thirteenth Floor

Monday, 21 March 2011

While Mr Unmann Wittering is waxing lyrical about Action Comics, I'll take the time to mention one comic strip from two of the best comics from the 80's, Scream and the revived Eagle.

The Thirteenth Floor tells of a High Rise building that is monitored and controlled by a computer called MAX. Max is essentially the council block version of HAL 9000, and he holds the welfare of his tenants so close to his little circuit heart, that he'll do anything it takes to keep them safe... anything.

The entire Run of The Thirteenth Floor is available at Back From the Depths, along with other creepy  comics storylines.


  1. My very fave strip from Eagle. Great post,Bob. Thanks.
  2. We've been working on those council block Hal 9000's for quite a while now in Doncaster...

    Quite a lot of 'King of the Castle' in this too, although 'The Thirteenth Floor' really went for it.
  3. remembered this almost frame for frame once I started reading it - good work Bob!

    can anyone remember what other strips were in the Eagle before it started to absorb other comics like a big inky black hole?

    there was Dan Dare (obviously) and the Just Seventeen photo romance gone wrong that was Doomlord but can't think of anything else...
  4. Of course there was Doomlord and Survivor, but one of my personal favourites (apart from the 13h Floor) was "The Computer Warrior"

    I liked 'The Collector'.
  6. I still have all my issues of Scream from back in the mid 80's. Finest comic ever published in the UK! I was gutted when it was axed, though I started to buy Eagle when it began featuring some ex-Scream stories.
  7. Does any else hear Michael Jayston as the voice of Max?
  8. I have a few old (new) Eagles. I'll fish them out at a later date and post them.
  9. cheers U-W - that list brought back some fond memories...

    can remember enjoying "The Brothers" and "Walk or Die" in particular.

    definitely do not remember "The House of Correction" though. set in a Nazi concentration camp apparently? sounds a bit rum to me...
  10. "Does any else hear Michael Jayston as the voice of Max? "

    I do now... perfect !

    I remember reading, and reading, and reading SCREAM. Still got my collection; and I'm getting them out of the drawer to smell them right now !

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