Wednesday, 31 May 2017

1973 City Analysts Dept

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Here we have a very busy and average 1973 day at the Portsmouth City Analysts Dept. These pics were in a box in the Portsmouth City Museum. Being sold for 50p each. I bought 6 pictures vowing to return soon to get some more. I went back a month or so later but the box and all the other pics had gone. Foolish me. More pics from the Analysts Dept here


  1. [weeping] How many pics were there in the box?[/weeping]
  2. Honestly.....about 100. there was also a pic of 1970s Rolf Harris on a visit to Southsea. I got that for my Friends 40th. He liked it.
  3. ARGH!!!! Just up the road from where I work and all!

    Have you ever been to the City Records Office? I've walked past it many times but never thought to go in.
  4. No. Never been in there. Never seem to have time on my visits.
    One day maybe.

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