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Spacemen Magazine

Friday, 18 March 2011

This is a strange one - I'm not a massive fan of 'classic' American science fiction, but this magazine is something different. I found it in Oxfam for 50p, which is unusual because I usually find the aforementioned to be rather pricey and denuded of interesting 'old' things. 'Spacemen' is subtitled 'The world's only space-movie magazine' and provides fans with details of new releases, information about old sci-fi and horror films, ads for related products and also features short stories. It looks like a forerunner of 'Cult TV' and publications like that. The copy I got hold of is dated 'June' with no year of publication, although closer inspection shows that 'March 1964' has been blanked out underneath the title. I love the floating woah-crazy style font used for the left hand content titles - very 'of it's time'.

I have a lot of things to put up both here and on between channels, but I'll offer a taster with these adverts. 'Famous Monsters' is a great name for a brand and the inclusion of a goatee and 'devil horns' is brilliant, much like the Mister T / Groucho Marx crossover they have pictured.

I love the breathless 'check-this-shit-out!' tone of this ad, especially the little bit that informs the reader that the traps '..will bite at (but will NOT bite off) more than it can chew - such as a finger or a pencil.' A useful H&S disclaimer, although not as useful as the celebrity endorsement provided by Charles Darwin, which seems to have been edited slightly. I may buy one at the weekend and recommend you do the same. FEED IT RAW BEEF!

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