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80's Hauntology: Moondial (1988)

Monday, 13 June 2011

Brilliant 80's childrens ghost drama....

From the wiki....
The story deals with a young girl staying with her aunt after her mother is injured in a car accident. Minty (Siri Neal) spends much of her time wandering around the grounds of a nearby mansion, and is drawn to a moondial that enables her to travel back in time, where she becomes involved with two children, Tom (Tony Sands), who lives in the Victorian era, and Sarah (Helena Avellano), who seems to live in "the previous century" to that, and must save them from their own unhappy lives.

The west entrance to Belton House near Grantham in Lincolnshire, the setting for Moondial
Regarded as a nostalgic favourite by followers of 1980s BBC children's drama, Moondial employs extensive location filming (in the grounds of Belton House in Lincolnshire) and fantastical, dreamlike imagery


  1. And of course David Ferguson's soundtrack was a large part of what made it so atmospheric (cost: £10,000).

    The previously scarce Reader's Digest (!) DVD of the series (it also includes 'Little Lord Fauntleroy') now seems to be quite abundant. It keeps the original episodes intact, unlike the original release, which removed material and combined the remainder into a continuous programme. The video quality is still poor - Blu-Ray would cope better with lingering shots of lawns and trees, but I'm not sure that there is a huge market for such horticultural hauntings.
  2. Is it Moondial where the late 80s bullying chant 'Devil's Child, Devil's Child' originated? I have vague memories of watching it as a youngster, and hearing it at school the next day.
  3. Hauntological themes run rampant through the weirder end of late 80s/early 90s kids TV: prime candidates being 'Elidor', 'Earth Fasts' and Russell T. Davies' 'Dark Season' (more Jacqueline Pierce, for a start). Might I bagsy a write up?
  4. Between Channels: yes, that's in there.

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