Monday, 20 November 2017

"Turnabout is fair play"

The attractive Electronic Music series on Turnabout.

Like Candide, a "subsidiary budget line" of Vox.

Mostly doing more conventional classical stuff, with more conventional covers, but - in the spirit of time, reflecting what seems to have been the general public's curiosity about electronic music and concrete - they put out this excellent series, which you can find floating around relatively cheaply still, on account of the relatively large pressings I should imagine.

Some of the designs for their non-electronic 20th Century composers are quite intense.



  1. Fab. I have Vol 1, never seen the others in the flesh. I wonder how many of these actually ended up in the homes of 'normal' listeners, having been bought out of curiosity, or the promise of exotic sounds?

  2. I have a feeling a lot of these records got played just the once, languished for years in the back of collections, and then got cleared out. You come across them in surprisingly good nick. I do think there must have been a sort of general curiosity on the part of Joe Public about this area, otherwise the labels wouldn't have bothered to put the compilations - many of them seemed to be budget releases as well. Electronic and tape music would get covered in the big newspapers, it was a new thing then, did seem like the way music was going to go, in the future. And then things took a swerve, back to tonality and the traditional orchestral resources.

  3. I have Electronic music IV. We had a few of these albums in the library at Uni years ago. I heard that they all got dumped.